travel like you care.

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Meet the cast...

For 11 years Peter has been behind the lens. His broadcast work has been viewed on major networks worldwide including Discovery Channel, National Geographic Channel, and The Outdoor Life Network amongst others. Peter has filmed adventure, culture and travel the world over and most recently filmed a 10 part documentary series entitled Beyond Survival with Les Stroud, which saw him capturing vanishing tribal cultures in South Africa, Namibia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Borneo, Indonesia, Madagascar, The High Arctic, Peru and Papua New Guinea. Being on the road for long periods of time, Peter dreamed of a life where he could share these adventures with his family... “travel like you care” is the product of that vision.


Cutting her teeth in advertising and design, Melissa was quickly ear-marked for bigger and better things. At the tender age of 23 Melissa was producing and over-seeing multi-million dollar media campaigns which included full television ads from the pre-production stage right to post-production and deliverables. As a freelance producer Melissa’s worked has ranged from music videos, fashion, promotional spots, commercials and television series’. August of 2010 saw Melissa in Costa Rica producing a pilot for the travel adventure series entitled “travel like you care”. Enabling her to combine her talents with nature, creativity, family and her love for helping others - this is the ultimate project for Melissa.


Although he is only four, Avery has found his own love for travel and discovery. Adaptable and energetic, this little adventure seeker is not afraid to get his hands dirty and try new things. A grounding force for his parents, Avery always puts things into perspective throughout their travels. Showing true signs of a budding film maker, this little guy loves to investigate all things in the outdoors. When Avery grows up, he wants to be a palaeontologist, a film maker and a monster truck driver.